S. from South Sudan

S. is 37 years old. She is from South Sudan. She escaped from her country as she was held captive in the bush by the notorious Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) since 2003, one of Africa’s most brutal extremist’s movements. She was working as a sex- slave for 12 years. She escaped with the assistance of a young man and she managed to travel to Europe through Turkey to save herself. S. has arrived to the island of Samos in Greece. After the arrival, she was identified and registered by the police authorities and she moved to Athens. She travelled to Idomeni borders to continue her trip to Europe and after the closing of the borders she returned to Athens and went to the stadium of Elliniko in order to stay somewhere for the night. Our medical team working at that time in Elliniko referred her to the MdM headquarters. In December of 2015 S. visited the office of social assistance/service, she was in very stressful and in bad mental health condition; she was accommodated at the Reception Center For Vulnerable Asylum Seekers  and she started receiving social counseling, psychological support and legal aid; she was also registered at Pyxida of GCR and participated in Greek language lessons. Her main request was to get proper treatment. “Proper health care,” she said, adding that she is HIV positive as a result of her ordeal. A short time later found access to asylum service and applied for asylum in Greece, where she wishes to continue her life and continue having access to medical and psychosocial support. The access to medical care through National Health System was not ensured before the registration process in the Asylum Service. MdM has been arranging all the necessary actions for her health condition. S. was granted with refugee status in February of 2016.