R.M. from Syria

Mrs. R.M. is a refugee from Syria. She traveled from Turkey to Greece through sea with a boat in January of 2016. She traveled with her 2 underage children and was eight months pregnant. She gave birth in Greece during the period of accommodation in the refugee camp in region of Attica. MdM had provided medical care and have secured access to prenatal and maternity care during the period that R.M. accommodated in another refugee camp in Central Greece. Two months after the birth of her baby, R.M. found herself homeless along with 3 children in Victoria Sq. for more than 1 week. As she describes her compatriots expelled her from a refugee camp in Attica after their requirement to give them money in order to continue to reside there. Having left the camp, she spent three weeks in an apartment in Athens by a family of compatriots that was being selected for the relocation program. She shared room in the apartment with two other families, a total of 13 people lived in an small apartment of 2 separate spaces and 1 WC.  After the fulfillment of relocation process for the compatriot family she had to leave from the apartment, R.M. stayed in a bench with her children. The baby suffered from skin allergies and severe allergic asthma while R.M. had neglected gynecological problems and panic attacks episodes. The 2 children for more than 18 months were out of educational activities and from school. The family found again through outreach activities of MdM volunteers and referred to MdM central services. Through MdM actions, the family of R.M. received medical care and psychosocial support while placed directly in the Reception Centre for Vulnerable Asylum Seekers of MdM. In February 2017 the R.M. completed the process of family reunification and traveled to Germany, where her husband has been granted with the refugee status.