Soam events

International Organization for Migration – Office in Greece joins the Authentic Marathon of Athens, 9/11/2014

The journalist of ALPHA TV Antonis Sroiter run the 10km Road on behalf of IOM. A.Sroiter who voluntarily spread the message #migrationmeans ‘HOPE’. being a representative of Media, supporting the international online campaign #migrationmeans by IOM, which has  thousands of followers around the globe. It was a strong opportunity to inform the public about the IOM’s projects in Greece and the option of voluntary return, given to the migrants.

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SOAM Launching event 18/12/2012

The Launching Event of the SOAM Program coincided -not accidentally- with the International Migrants Day (18 December). It was held at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in the auditorium “Yannos Kranidiotis” (Akadimias 1), which was given gratis to IOM Athens.

Invited were representatives of non-governmental and intergovernmental organizations active in the field of asylum and immigration in Greece, representatives of agencies that operate reception centers for asylum seekers, with emphasis on unaccompanied minors, representatives of refugee and immigrant communities in Athens, officers and executives of public bodies with duties relevant to the Program, representatives of local authorities, foreign diplomatic missions in the country, journalists of printed and electronic media, high level officials involved in managing migratory flows in Greece, representatives of international and European organizations. In addition, invitations were sent to representatives from competent Ministries (such as the Ministry of Development, Competitiveness, Infrastructure, Transport and Networks as the National Focal Point for the EEA funded programs through its Special Agency for the Management and Monitoring of Other Development Programs, The Ministry of Public Order and Citizen Protection, the Ministry of Justice, Transparency and Human Rights, the Ministry of Labor, Social Security and Welfare and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs).

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