“Hosting asylum seekers: Multiple identities and Interculturalism” workshop – 23/4/2015

On April 23th 2015, at  Europe Direct – Municipality of Athens took place the workshop “Hosting asylum seekers: Multiple identities and Interculturalism” which was organized by EKPOSPO NOSTOS in cooperation with IASIS, EADAP and ERGOEREFNITIKI. This event was organized within the implementation of the “FUTURE – hosting asylum seekers Structure” project (www.mellonshelter.gr), through SOAM programme – Supporting Organizations that assist migrant asylum seeking population in Greece and the International Organization for Migration (IOM Office in Greece), who is the Fund Operator, and funded by EEA Grants.

The event was opened by  Norway’s Ambassador to Greece Mrs. Sjur Larsen, Head of Office IOM-Greece,  Mr. Daniel Esdras and the Chairman of the Board the EKPOSPO NOSTOS Mr. Panagiotis Lesgidis. Then Mrs. S.. Andritsopoulos, scientific responsible of EKPOSPO NOSTOS presented the objectives, and the activities of  FUTURE program. Followed Mrs. E. Harami representative IASIS, presented  their sponsorship volunteers and opening  Reception Center in the community. Also, Ms.  Papaprokopiou, President EADAP spoke about the role of the Education Department in the Reception Center while Mr. C. Koulouris, President Ergoerefnitikis referred to the role of the Medical Service in the Reception Center regarding Interculturalism and Primary Care.