Who benefits from SOAM

The Program primarily aims at assisting asylum seekers in Greece, with particular emphasis on unaccompanied minors (UAM) as well as other groups of asylum seekers with high vulnerability such as single-parent families and vulnerable women. Assistance will be provided with a view to improving asylum seekers’ daily lives and helping them bring forward their asylum claims to the competent national authorities up to receiving a final response.

NGOs registered in Greece and, implementing projects under SOAM Program as Project Promoters in cooperation with other NGOs and/or local authorities, will also benefit. NGOs will be given a considerable amount of time, approximately 3 years, to implement their projects with substantial funding by the EEA grants (up to 90% of the eligible cost) and in a very difficult period for Greece. Due to the economic crisis, financial resources are currently very limited in Greece. In addition, the Program provides enough time for NGOs to plan ahead and ensure sustainability of their actions. Project promoters are expected to keep and/or increase their staff which is another positive aspect of the EEA Grants and the SOAM Program.

A third expected positive outcome is that the SOAM Program will support Greece’s efforts to adequately handle the influx of asylum seekers and migrants.

Last but not least, the Program is expected to contribute to the strengthening of a culture of cooperation amongst NGOs, local and other authorities as well as to the sensitization of the Greek audience/ citizens regarding the vulnerability of asylum seekers.